What is Pittsford Crew?

     Pittsford Crew provides middle and high school students in our region with the chance to experience the great sport of rowing - offering teamwork, competition, sportsmanship, fitness, and the singular sensation of propelling boats over water with like minded people. We accept everyone, without cuts or tryouts. Our goal is to have every participant, no matter their skill level, reap the benefits of participating in a demanding, yet highly rewarding sport.

     We go to several regattas in both the spring and fall, and all participants race at those regattas. We run several different summer learn-to-row programs. Pittsford Crew is a private club and not supported by the schools. We row out of the Warren Boathouse located near Lock 32 on the Erie Canal. If you are interested please browse the web site, or contact us at: info@pittsfordcrew.org

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